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Structured Wiring

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Behind and inside the walls of your house lives a world of opportunity – and – if designed correctly, it can bring your home to life.

What is it?

Structured wiring is a generic term used to describe the method of providing communication infrastructure for your home. The structured approach is to run a full bundle of wire from a central distribution box to every significant room throughout the house. This bundle of wire consists a variety of cables that distribute data signals to such technology as cable television, telephones, and Ethernet computer networks.

Why does it matter?

With the advent of wireless networks a lot of people are going wireless for their computer networks in lieu of a hard line connection. While we do offer wireless networking – wired is still the industry standard because of reliability, security, and speed. And of course, a hard connection is still necessary for cable and satellite TV. Beyond that, structured wiring provides a solid backbone for the future growth of your home network and your automation and security needs.

How do I get it?

If you are in the process of building a new home – make sure you talk to your builder about having Security Plus involved from the very beginning. If you’re in an older home – we can certainly do a lot to retrofit or add wiring retroactively. Of course, sometimes structured wiring doesn’t make the most sense for your situation. That’s why it’s always worth giving us a call first. No matter what the needs of your specific situation are, Security Plus should always be the first place you call.

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Customer Testimonials

Security plus
Security Plus has done work for me at my home and office both over the past several years. Where others might tend to complicate AV and security systems, Paul simplifies them and makes understanding our systems easy. His work is outstanding, his pricing is very fair, and the customer service is spot on. I would recommend him to any of my friends and will use him again for sure.

Security plus
Security Plus is a class a contractor. Paul has worked on my equipment for about 15 years - work was always completed in a timely manner very neatly whether it was a car stereo home entertainment center with surround sound a security system his work is always top notch Paul Crouch gets 5 stars!
Security plus
We have depended upon Paul and his team at Security Plus for a number of years. They set up the entertainment system in the large addition we made to our home and it is marvelous. I work from home quite a bit and rely upon Paul to keep my computer, printer and all my technology needs working well. Security Plus is quick to respond to our needs with talented, competent and courteous people. I recommend them enthusiastically!